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Tel: 07958 678 062

Email: peter@dmclegals.com

We will  start by carrying out an informal mock Lexcel assessment of your firm’s current state of compliance as necessary and then based on the results of this assessment which will then be discussed with  you, we will draw up a corrective action compliance plan which will clearly set out each stage of how we will help you to attain Lexcel accreditation within  3 - 4 months from start to finish with no disruption to your practice. Then we will simply take over your project and get it done for you or work with you and your staff to get it done depending on whichever way you prefer.

Our Lead Lexcel consultant is a Practising Solicitor , a Law Society Accredited Lexcel Assessor and also a Law Society Accredited Lexcel Consultant of several years. It is therefore very hard to see how anyone could be more qualified or experienced in understanding the Lexcel standard and helping firms to achieve accreditation to the Lexcel standard. All of our Lexcel consultants are practicing solicitors with wide ranging experience including serving as a director and COLP & COFA of a practice and providing compliance advice to hundreds of firms each year.


This is how we know eactly what day to day challenges you face. Coupled with our vast experience in both assessing Lexcel for the Law Society and consulting with and helping firms of all sizes achieve Lexcel accreditation over the years, we know exactly how to help you to attain Lexcel accreditation in the soonest possible time and without disruption to the operation of your firm or your fee earning and billing targets while maintaining the highest levels of SRA Compliance at all times.


All of the practices we work for have either already achieved Lexcel acccreditation or are working towards it, so as you can see, we practice exactly what we preach everyday and so you know that you have come to the right consultants for you and your firm. Get in touch today!


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